Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Random Post

1.  I suffer from anxiety.  I worry about things before they happen.  Things that may never happen.  Things that sometimes don't happen.  I spend hours, days, weeks, sleepless nights worrying about them.  What if we don't have enough money when we retire?  What if Jason gets sick or hurt?  What if the girls get sick or hurt?  What if I get sick?  What if the ice caps start melting, would the area where we live flood and our house be completely under water?  

2.  Last week, A had a doctor's appointment and while waiting for the doctor, I read an article about stress hormones.  Medicine doses are tied to weight.  You wouldn't give a 300 lb. person the same dose as a 100 lb. person.  Adrenalin and other stress hormones are not necessarily produced in proportion to weight in our bodies.  Short people tend to have more issues with anxiety because their body mass is often smaller, yet when measured in blood samples they have the same amount of stress hormones.  Very interesting.  I happen to be 4' 11".  So I am not crazy.

3.  This Saturday, the girls and I hit up Barnes & Noble for their Educator Appreciation Week - 25% off all educational materials with your Educator Card!  SCORE!  In NJ, homeschool parents are eligible for Educator Cards from B & N and other stores...I just walked in, told them I homeschool and filled out the paperwork.  Does anyone know how that works elsewhere?  It's a great resource.

4.  On Sunday the hubster made an amazingly awesome pot roast while watching the Giants beat the socks off Green Bay.  Our poor unsocialized homeschool girls had public school friends over and then were invited to sleepover the homeschool neighbor's house.  We had to wait until the game was over to bring them to the homeschool neighbor's house.  GO GIANTS!

5.  I get very, very excited when I see nuns in habits.  I have had this pleasure twice in the last few weeks.  The first time I was in line in Costco with Jason and I pointed out the nuns to everyone around, I wished I could get close enough to say, "Good evening, Sister."  The second time was at the mall and I was walking with the girls and as I passed by, I felt my back get straighter and I smiled, nodded and said, "Good afternoon, Sister."  She grinned and nodded and wished me a good afternoon, too.  It made my day :)

6.  My mother is reading this and thinking, "Seeing a nun made her day?"  She is thinking of how tormented I felt by them as a kid.  They were strict.  But I have matured and grown to appreciate their strictness and, as a parent, the kind of childhood that I had.

7.  I am a huge Springsteen fan.  I follow other fans on Twitter.  Friday night I heard that he had gotten on stage as a guest in Asbury Park for the Light of Day concerts.  I was halfway out the door when I realized that I needed tickets for the sold out event.  Hopefully one night I will be on Twitter when he takes the stage at the Pony.  (I live less than an hour from Asbury Park).

8.  I would love to see Bruce Springsteen and a nun at the same time.  Two Catholic school kids with the fear of God in them, nodding and wishing a Sister a "Good Day" would be the ultimate Springsteen experience for me.

9.  Since the event in Asbury was sold out, I spent an hour or so on the fansites.  I learned that after Clarence passed, at a show in Asbury Park, when they sang the famous line from "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" about Clarence joining the band, the audience sang the sax solo.  The band had chills.  It's a journey we walk together.

10.  My husband is learning to play the guitar.  He has pretty much mastered the Joan Osborne song, "What if God Was One of Us".  He may one day learn some Springsteen.  I will swoon.

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