Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Liberty Science Center: Learning About the Immune System

We are studying 
Human Biology this term.

We have tried several science curriculum and I honestly didn't love any of them.
Too much reading about concepts we couldn't visualize and not enough hands-on.
We spent a lot of time on youtube and Kahn Academy.
So, we decided to create our own science curriculum: books (not text books), videos, and kits about what we are interested in.

I don't know if a bona fide unschooler would consider this unschooling since I am guiding this journey.
It's sort of more one thing leads to another.
We read a book which lead to watching a video which lead to ideas for some crafts which lead to a trip to 

We started with the Immune System,
because that was what we were currently learning about.
Macrophages, white blood cells, bacteria, T cells...


The girls learned about control groups in experiments.

The girls go to test "blood plasma" for infection.

We learned how tears protect our eyes.

We took a trip around the world and learned about different diseases and how they are transmitted in different parts of the world.

We played a video game called Body Invaders.

We diagnosed sick patients.

All of these experiences lead to questions.

We have learned that questioning is the basis of science.

Now we need to find the answers to our questions :)

***We love Liberty Science Center and I will be sharing photos of other things we enjoyed there.  My only complaint is that it is SO WARM.  First of all, a PERFECT breeding ground for germs, which is an issue since many people touch the various displays there every day, spreading their germs and viruses.  But also, it made us so sleepy...we just wanted to curl up on the floor and take a nap...and we reached a point very early where we were just not even able to concentrate because we were SO sleepy from the warmth.****