Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Look! What We Did!

On Monday, Susan shared that she and I have started a Pinterest board 

It is our hope that together we can have a large collection of valuable resources for homeschool moms

Need a science experiment?
An art project?
Lit Circle ideas?
Writing prompts?
Math games?
Tricks to help multiplication tables stick?
Check out our Pinterest boards.

Susan and I have spent the last month discussing how to proceed with 
We wanted to do something that would be useful to the homeschool community
and yet
not be a HUGE time commitment since we both work part time 
(we both work at libraries--did you know that??)
 and we both homeschool.

We decided a Pinterest board
where all kinds of homeschool resources are kept in one place
may be a useful tool to homeschool moms.

We also decided to host a shared weekly linky
on our own websites.

Did you...

...create a geography game? a cool science experiment?
...come up with an awesome memorization tool or list? a great book about homeschooling or child development?
...have a terrific read-aloud to recommend?
...have great luck with a writing project? a creative art project?
...have an organizing brainstorm? an educational party or workshop?
...have homeschool record keeping tips?
...figure out the secret to getting your kids to clean their room?

Well, write a post about HOW you did it so that another homeschool mom CAN DO IT TOO!

And link it up!

Every Wednesday
February 1

learning ALL the time!!


Feel free to link up old how-to posts about a homeschool project
or home organization idea
or fantastic recipe...

Please feel free to link up
any post 
that you wrote at any time
shows & tells 
another homeschool mom 
HOW to do something
 that may help her!

Also, if you have any resources that you think we should include on the Pinterest boards, please let us know in the comments section.