Monday, February 27, 2012

Historic Philadelphia

Last week when Jason was on vacation,
we spent some time in Philadelphia.

Independence Hall

Philadelphia was the original Capital of the United States.
It was here, in this building, that the Declaration of Independence was drafted and signed.
The Constitution was debated, details hammered out and it was signed.
The United States Constitution was the first Constitution ever.
It was a new and different idea.
It was an experiment.
This room is where the United States of America was born.
This room is where the Declaration of Independence was drafted and signed.
Being in these rooms where so much of our history - perhaps the very root of who we are as American citizens - is INCREDIBLY powerful.

This is the room where the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States were signed.

The is the chair that George Washington sat in to preside over the details of the Constitution of the United States.

This is the Syng Inkwell, the inkwell used for the signing of the Constitution.

This room was used as an infirmary during the War.

Seating chart of the Fourth Congress of the United States

where the head of Congress sat

Ben Franklin watches over the room...wonder what 

The original Congressional chamber of the United States.

The room where the Senate originally met.

Many of the historic sites in Philly are part of our National Park Service.  The National Park Service websites for these historic landmarks is chock full of wonderful FREE resources, everything from videos to documents you can download to stories for the kids.  Check out the site for Philly here.