Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HOW did you DO that!

Susan and I were so impressed
with the posts from last week's

Did you see Kathy's great, detailed post on Borax Soap Crystals?
  Or this decadent-but-easy recipe for Sopapilla cheesecake from Crazy Homeschool Daze?
Or what about Adventure Academy Mom's post on Map Making?

These were all great, helpful posts that I am sure we can use...don't worry about being able to find them again, they have all been "pinned" on the Thinking Mothers Pinterest Boards...under Science or Recipes or Geography!

what have you got up your sleeve?
What great tips and tricks have you written a HOW TO post about?
Did you do a cool experiment or make a neat project or organize something in your home?

Link up your OLD and NEW
so that
other homeschool mommas
can do it too!