Monday, February 6, 2012

Miscellany Monday

I am thinking of starting to use our homeschool room again.
We have been "doing school" in the dining room which is great and natural and all...
but I miss the white board and the organization of having the school room.
And I am a snob and I don't want a white board in my dining room.

A trip to Ikea would definitely throw me over the edge to using the school room again.

This article ran in a local paper about our homeschool group!

Marcie at Bare Naked Tree pointed out this EXCELLENT post
by Penelope Trunk: Gen Z will revolutionize education,
check it out, it's very interesting.

I made a HUGE blogging boo-boo this weekend.
Transferred ALL of my photos to a new account and closed out an old account...not realizing that the path to the photos on my blog would be severed, despite the fact that I moved them to the new account.
and was able to recover the whole dang thing within a few hours!
let this be a lesson if you use blogger: don't delete an account that hosts your photos!

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

I loved the CRV commercial with Matthew Broderick.
I am thinking my girls may need to see
"Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial:

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