Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week End Link Ups

In my life this week… I was sick in the earlier part of the week (achey, fever, awful headache) not sure what it was.  But I really didn't take any pictures, which I am very disappointed about -- I like having LOTS of pictures of our week :(
The good news is that the roof is done!!!  Hip! Hip! Hooray!!
In our homeschool this week… We learned about the human body, cells, organs, systems.  We started exploring the skeletal system.  We made a ball joint and learned about synovial fluid. In grammar we learned about appositive phrases and practiced writing appositive phrases.  In history we studied the Islamic Invasion in Spain and Africa.  Both girls whizzed through math with no problems this week, thank heavens.  It seems that we have some weeks were the lessons just click and others where there is some frustration because things don't click as easily...fortunately, this was an easy week.
My favorite thing this week was… GETTING THE ROOF DONE!
I’m cooking… a Muffeletta and chili for the SuperBowl.  Go Giants!
I’m grateful for… the roof being DONE!
I’m praying for… several blog friends who have family members that are ill.
This weekend I am looking forward to...a Super Bowl party!  Go Big Blue!

Favorite Resource This Week

My favorite resource this week is the Magic School Bus Journey Into the Human Body kit that my uncle gave the girls for Christmas.  This kit provides tons of facts, but also a lot of great practical applications to understand the facts.  We made a "ball joint" from the pingpong ball that comes with the kit and a tube made from paper, then we learned about synovial fluid by adding a few drops of mineral oil.  
What I love about this kit is there is TONS of hands-on activities and the facts are presented in a clear, concise and interesting way.
I just picked up Janice Van Cleave's The Human Body for Every Kid (which was Jenn at Little Homeschool on the Prairie's Favorite Resource a while back).  We will start using this book this week as we continue our study of the skeletal system this week.  In looking through the book, I think it will compliment the kit very nicely.
One of the girls' favorite things about the kit is the life-size diagram of the different body systems and how they get to add to each part as we learn about it!

I am so excited that we tried read-alouds again and that we are enjoying them so much!

I have to say, shorter books or stories are key for us in read-alouds.

This week, we have been enjoying Mary Pope Osborne's Favorite Medieval Tales.
We read the story of Robin Hood, the Sword and the Stone, Finn MacCoul and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, among others.  This book is a perfect complement to anyone using Story of the World, Volume 2, The Middle Ages.

These stories are so colorful and filled with valor.
I wish that I had started reading my girls these books when they were tots.
If I had to do it over, this would be on our bookshelves in constant rotation when my children were toddlers, so that these stories could become a part of them, as they were a part of so many lives for centuries.
Mary Pope Osborne's Favorite Medieval Tales is a great read-aloud!