Friday, March 23, 2012

One of THOSE Days

Yesterday was one of THOSE days.

I had such high expectations.

I gave the girls two projects to do.

They started with their art journals.  They did awesome work.

Piper is a procrastinator and a dreamer and a singer and a snacker...and an anything-but-getting-the-work-in-front-of-her-done - r.  She dances around and sings and wants to talk about her birthday next year and the Swim Club and Central Park....  At 4:45pm yesterday, she was STILL doing work.  Her sister had been done for HOURS and was reading on the deck.  I know it is NOT FAIR to compare your kids, but Piper was crying and whining about her work...when really, if she just buckled down...

I had given the girls projects to do so that I could FINALLY prime and paint the ceiling in my living room where we got water spots over the winter when our roof was leaking.  I had to cram all of the furniture to one side to do it.  I am SO THANKFUL that this paint blended so well and you can't tell where I touched up because I REALLY didn't want to paint the whole ding dong ceiling right now.  I like saying ding dong.  That mildly lifted my mood.
Our home has a really open floor plan, so painting the living room ceiling would mean painting the dining room ceiling would mean shifting all the furniture to one room, painting and then shifting it all to the other room and painting.  Just for a few measly little spots.  The rest of the ceiling is fine.
Again, THANKFUL that the painted blended and you can't see where I touched up!
I can't think clearly when my house is a mess, when the furniture is all pushed around.  I know, I know I should be thankful that I have a house and furniture.
We have been really on the go lately.  Yesterday was our first full day home in two weeks.  I was sick one week and then tried to cram all of the social plans for that week in with the following week as well as doing everything we had planned that week...this is what my house looks like when we are never home...
When we are running around like that, I don't have time to put stuff away.  I really need a good solid day at home to organize all of this stuff, dust, vacuum...I can not ever spell vacuum correctly on the first try...I never remember if it is 2 c's or 2 u's...
Don't tell the Board of Health...
Fortunately, my husband knew just what I needed and came home with some Italian pastries from our favorite pastry shop :)  He's a keeper!!!!

Here's to hoping today is a better day...
Happy Weekend, Everybody!