Friday, April 6, 2012

Coloring Easter Eggs with Crayons

Over the years we have tried all manner of Easter egg decorating
from tye dye kits to gold leaf kits to q-tips dabbed in dye.

This year, I saw a post on my friend Susan's blog to decorate Easter eggs with crayons.

We love to get creative and draw designs on eggs, so I knew we had to try this.

I must say, this is our 
Easter egg decorating method EVER!

1.  We boiled eggs and left them in the pot of hot water on the table.
2.  We cut paper towel tubes in pieces, so we had round egg cups to place the hot eggs on.

3.  We found that if we colored the egg as soon as we took it out of the pot, the crayon melted and ran; rubbing those with a paper towel gave a beautiful effect.
4.  Waiting a few minutes to cool, we were able to draw a design over the paper-towel rubbed eggs.

Althernatively, we took them out and let them sit a few minutes and wrote write on them.

Some, we just colored and rubbed the crayon with towels and left plain.  
Aren't they beautiful?