Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jesus, Have Mercy.

I went to Catholic school.  One of the things that I always remember is that when we heard a siren - an ambulance or a fire truck - we stopped what we were doing, where ever we were, folded our hands and said, "Jesus, have mercy.  Jesus, have mercy.  Jesus, have mercy," together, as a class, with our teacher.

I have done this all of my life.  It usually happens in the car.  We see an ambulance with the lights on, or a fire truck and I turn off the radio and pray out loud.  As soon as my girls could talk, they started praying with me.

Prayer is something we can do when we feel powerless.

The greatest thing I can teach my girls is how to pray.  If I teach them that, they will be fine.  They will always have a friend in Jesus.