Wednesday, May 30, 2012

HistoryTeachers aka EduPunk

Last week, Mary shared a link with me: Story of the World Video Links.

One of the first videos I watched was 

Since then I have become absolutely OBSESSED with the historyteachers.  The girls and I are watching these videos and listening CONSTANTLY.  We have replaced some of the lyrics in songs we knew with the lyrics from these parodies of the songs.  We go around the house singing these songs. Gotta say...history is really starting to stick.  The girls started searching itunes and looking on Amazon for a CD and I readily agreed to buy whatever they found!

I became very interested in who these history teachers were.

But then I watched the TED talks video.  Amazing!  Genuis!  They realized that kids had an emotional connection with their music and harnessed that connection with parodies of pop music and super creative videos!

Want to hear something else really cool?  Allie and Piper are SO into the HistoryTeachers that they have watched this TED talk not once, not twice, but several times and are now ALSO watching TED talks on other topics.  Learning, inspiration, creativity, genius... hellllooooo!

If you have not yet checked out The HistoryTeachers with your kids, I suggest you call them into the room right now and play one of the videos for them!  Don't delay...check it out today!

We have become HUGE fans of Amy Burvall and Herb Mahelona in our home.  Check out Amy's Edupunk website!

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