Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We went up to the lake for Memorial Day Weekend.

There was fishing with {homeschool} friends.  I love that some of our friends on the lake also homeschool!

These two hit it off.  They can't wait to see each other for July Fourth!

They were really two peas in a pod...or two homeschoolers in a paddle boat?

I feel so, so, SO blessed that my girls grow up with these kids and these experiences on this lake.

The guys took all the kids out tubing for one full afternoon.  That meant one full child-free afternoon for the moms to relax!

Little swimmers...

Little rowers...

Jason rescued a turtle...

Our friends that are more like family...

Some crazy woman--who invited her?? lol!


Yummy Lamb Shish-kebabs that were graciously shared with us,

Familizing.  Yes, that is a word.  Mop said so!

Late night boat rides...looking at all the lights...

Early morning nature walks.

My girls and their mama.  { Love}

My dad driving around the lake.

Our homeschool lake friends had some baby chicks.  Some were four days old, others a week old. Cute.

Late night fires.  Singing along to 80s music.  Discussing the colors of Nina Blackwood's hair.