Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Camping at Copper River

This post could easily be subtitled: My Husband is an Awesome Photographer.

Last weekend, Jason and the girls went camping with some friends.  I stayed home with the dog.  I had friends over.  I weeded and mulched and got a lot of little projects done around the house.  When I was really missing Jason and the girls, my sweet friend reminded me that I get lots of alone time with the girls and this was Jason's turn.
girl talk

the magic of childhood
When Jason and the girls got home Sunday night, they all showered up and then we piled in our bed, our family favorite place to gather and chat {wonder what will happen when the girls are too big for this?}.  And I got to hear the stories.  Stories of how my girls were there for each other.  The dads slept in one tent, because the girls wanted to be alone in their own tent.  Piper woke up at 2am and was scared, so she woke up Allie.  Allie moved Piper's sleeping bag and pillow closer to her and cuddled Piper.  She encouraged Piper to pray, they prayed together until Piper fell back to sleep.  Of course I got tears in my eyes when they told me this and I have them now.  My sweet girls.  I thanked Allie up and down and all around and asked her how she fell back to sleep, she said it was no problem, she just kept praying and the next thing she knew it was morning.

their humble abode

keep your shoes outside

Spa Party at The Copper River

quiet contemplation

wearing your pajamas outside with your friends

headed to the swimming hole



my husband is the biggest kid of all!