Friday, July 6, 2012

Pond Scum & Friends

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Favorite Resource This Week
This is something we did a few weeks ago, but I am just now getting around to writing about it!

My favorite resources are:
our homeschool group
If you don't have a homeschool group, I suggest checking Yahoo Groups for a group in your area.  Attend some field trips or park days or set up a meet-up in a park near you :)
My other favorite resource is
Classes at our Nature Center
most counties have some sort of Nature Center or Audobon that offers great hands-on classes for kids.

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I really love our homeschool group.
Poor, unsocialized homeschoolers :(
A few weeks ago, we went on a trip with our homeschool group to a Reservoir, where the kids learned about native plants and trees.
An excellent tour guide told us about some of the trees and plants native to our state

then the kids got to don waders :)

and grab nets :)

They decided any day that they get to wear waders and go into muck is a good day!

they collected pond scum

some of them looked very fashionable in waders ;-)

I really feel bad that my kids are not socialized and don't have friends--hahahaa!

they looked for minnows and tried to catch some bugs :)

it was stinky and hot, but lots of fun!

see what I mean about friends?

then they went to a lab and looked at the pond scum through microscopes 

they sucked up the pond scum in eye droppers and made slides for their microscopes

they used these charts to identify flora and fauna

working with friends is always fun!

they wrote down what they identified in each category on the board
Afterwards, we headed to the nearby Sprayground for a little Summer Fun!
Poor Piper got sunscreen in her eye and was not feeling very great!

Who says homeschoolers can't have great friendships????


An Awesome Day with Friends