Friday, July 27, 2012

Family Photo Wall

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life: Photo Displays.

We have photos of our kids EVERYWHERE in our home.

this photo was done professionally and hangs in the hall outside our guest bath

Several of these photo collages hang in a row in my youngest daughter's bedroom

These are on the built-ins in my living room

I love our entryway!
I am so happy with how the stenciling and photos came out

Perhaps my best and biggest display of family photos, however, is in our eating nook.

I did this several years ago, before I started blogging.
I am super frugal, so to keep cost down, I bought those frames at Michaels Craft store that are 2 for $5 or $10 depending on size.  I bought various sizes to form the configuration I wanted.   I also bought wooden letters from Michaels that spell out FAMILY.

I had a rough idea of a configuration in my mind.  I laid them all out on my living room floor in the configuration I had in mind to make sure it worked.

Then, my husband hung lines across the workshop in the basement and Jason hung the frames from the lines with screws eyehook screws.  That made it easier to paint a lot of frames at once with spray paint and get both sides without running (I have an issue with painting things on newspaper and getting the newspaper stuck to it).

I wanted the shabby chic look, so after I painted all of the frames, I roughed them up with some sand paper.

I reconfigured them on the floor and my smart husband figured out the measurements between each and hung them up.

Easy peasy.

I did this for under $150.