Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Decluttering Again!

My girls were at a sleepover party together.  I woke up in the morning feeling lonely and lost...then I realized this was my PERFECT opportunity to declutter their rooms!

You see, I have a 'less is more' philosophy with "stuff".  The less there is, the easier to keep it clean and organized.  I admit, I am a stickler for clean and neat and tidy and organized.

My girls do not share this.  I know, I know, I should get them to give to charity...and they do, at times.  Old toys, old games, old books, old clothes.... But then there are other things...the 900+ drawings that their friends made that they can't bear to part with, but are honestly taking over their desk...their favorite t-shirts that are 4 sizes too small...bit of fabric from sewing projects that they are too lazy to throw away...

one bag for garbage, one bag for clothes

I go in each of their rooms with at least two bags (I just recycle old shopping bags because I am too cheap to use Hefty bags).  One bag is for garbage (wrappers, bits, 900+ drawings, scraps of paper, tissues, etc.) and the other bag is for stuff we can donate (sometimes I have one bag for toys and another for clothing).

my girls will not throw away any drawing or gretting card
 You may judge me for doing this while my kids are not home.  Yes, I have been warned that they may be in therapy because they came home and I had gotten rid of the 6000 scraps of paper and the Zhu Zhu pets that they just had to have a few Christmases ago but never played with.  Believe me, the Zhu Zhu pets are more catastrophic for me because I made Jason drive all the way to PA to get two off a truck in a Toys R Us parking lot when they arrived!  No joke!  My girls were obsessed...but quickly lost in THAT DAY.  Never again will we do something like that!

I think we coddle our kids too much.  Sometimes I think we worry too much about their feelings and don't spend enough time teaching them good life skills.

I know I could make my kids declutter their rooms and I try OFTEN.  But it's easier to do it myself.  I am ruthless.  AND it's not easy to pry a size 4 tutu out of a 12 year old's hands when I am about to bawl myself because my baby is growing up.  Believe me, I want to hold on to that tutu with all my might and remember when my girls were little...and there are some things (clothes and toys) that I do hold on to...but I hate clutter.  I have learned that putting things in boxes in the attic only means I have to go through them AGAIN and decide what to get rid of AGAIN.
I hung the things we wanted to give to friends on the door
I almost cropped this so you couldn't see the mess of shoes in the closet; they are organized now ;-)
My girls are responsible for cleaning their rooms.  I have been known to dump messy drawers out and inspect under beds.  I do ask them to take bags in and get rid of stuff and they do...but they can't bear to part with some things (like birthday party tchotchkes).  When I go in and do this, it really does help them to keep their rooms neater.
not bad for a morning's work
On a happy note: Allie's room really didn't have a lot of clutter, this is mostly from Piper's.  I would like to think it is because I have trained her well, although it just may be that as she is getting older she collects less crap.