Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Savannah was very different from Charleston, but also VERY beautiful.
Savannah has a more cultural, historic feel.
We loved the architecture.
Allie enjoyed the lore, the ghost stories and such.
I tried a cherry julep ;-)
We enjoyed dining at Vic's on the River and had a table overlooking the River.
The building with the lion in front (between the cherry julep and the bar at Vic's) is The Savannah Cotton Exchange, where many slaves were bought and sold.

The architecture and laid-back vibe of Savannah was exactly as I had expected.  The shady Squares invited you to just sit with a book and read the day away.  The planners of this city did a marvelous job!

Of course, as you know, I am a sucker for details and iron scrollwork!  There was no shortage in Savannah!

Forsyth Park was as gorgeous as it is in movies and pictures.

We had a lot of fun shooting different angles of the homes.  The girls enjoyed imagining themselves living there!

For those who read John Berendt's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,  this is Mercer House, where Jim lived and the crime was committed.
Mercer House

Mercer House from the square across the street

some of the houses lining the other side of the square 
River Street was possibly my favorite part, more for the look of the historic buildings than the actual shops, although Allie fell in love with a purse and used the money she earned babysitting this summer to buy it!

One of the highlights for the girls was when Jason relented and agreed to eat at Paula Deen's restaurant.  Although Jason is a fan of her show, the idea of a buffet-style restaurant didn't appeal to him.  It's mass cooking and it's really not bad, but we had better meals.