Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday

1.  I am thankful for a relaxing weekend spent focusing on my family.

2.  I am thankful for time spent last weekend with friends.  The more time our family spends with homeschool families, the more we feel that we were meant to homeschool.  We have so much in common with the homeschool families and really enjoy their company.
an afternoon at home meant building with our Keva blocks

3.  I am thankful that my husband busted his butt last weekend on a project that he said was "FUN!".  He got to be creative and he really enjoyed it.  I will be revealing soon!

4.  I am thankful for all of the friends our girls have.  Honestly and truthfully, their social lives have IMPROVED one hundredfold since homeschooling.  They have friends they think of more as "sisters", friends they miss when they are not together.  They all email each other and Skype and Facetime.
I am thankful for good cameras

5.  I am thankful that each meeting with our homeschool friends is a gift making & giving opportunity.  In the last week, my girls have made book marks and duct tape flowers for friends.  They have received American Girl doll food made from craft foam and bracelets and necklaces beaded by friends.

6.  I am thankful for creating a schedule of activities this year with our homeschool friends.  We have a list of field trips and community theater performances that we want to see together and plans for Homeschool Art Museum Days and Homeschool classes at the Nature Center.
I am thankful for my family and our home.

7.  I am thankful that I keep resisting the temptation to add more to our schedule.  As it is, we have an activity 4 days a week.  We need days at home to get things done.

8.  I am thankful that my girls got to go to a NOT Back to School Sleepover at our homeschool neighbors' home Tuesday night to Wednesday.
I am thankful that my husband has a great eye and took these photos.

9.  I am thankful that yesterday was just a quiet day at home and we got a lot of stuff done.  Piper wasn't feeling well, but the quiet day at home was much needed and appreciated!

10.  I am thankful for my husband's friends.  We are a blue collar family.  I often feel that people look down on us for that.  I think society looks down on anyone who is not white collar.  I think that is unfortunate because there is a lot of skill and craftsmanship in blue collar jobs and as long as those jobs are undervalued, that level of skill and craftsmanship is overlooked and possibly in jeopardy of being lost.  Also, those jobs can never go overseas...we will always need electricians and pipe fitters and mechanics and people who make concrete or can remove a tree from your roof or power lines.  I am thankful that when we need work done around our house or on our cars, we have friends that we trust who do the work.  Sometimes we pay them, sometimes we barter their services for Jason's.  I like the continuity of a time-honored tradition among people with skill.

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