Friday, October 5, 2012

10 Things to do this Weekend to Celebrate Fall

1.  Go for a nature walk.  Pick up leaves, go home and try to identify the leaves from a book or the internet.  Press the leaves in heavy books, so you can find them later and remember your walk OR use them in a craft project or decorating project.

2.  Make pumpkin waffles for breakfast.

3.  Rake leaves if you have enough on the ground and jump in them with your kids!

4.  Go apple picking.  Make apple pie or apple sauce or apple cobbler.

5.  Go pumpkin picking.  Take pictures of your kids with piles of pumpkins around them.

6.  Visit a Corn Maze.

7.  Make a fire in your chiminea or firepit.  Heat some apple cider and enjoy it in mugs by the fire with your family.

8.  Attempt to take your Christmas card never know, you may get a great one and save yourself some stress in a few weeks!  The fall leaves make a great backdrop and there is great lighting in fall!

9.  Make pumpkin bread with your kids.  Make an extra loaf for a neighbor or friend.

10.  Make leaf rubbings or leaf prints or leaf animals with your kids.  Find the star in an apple and make apple prints.