Thursday, October 4, 2012

Keep Those Memories

Normally I run a linkup of gratitude posts on Thursday.
Since I am participating in Nester's 31 Days series challenge, Lisa at The Army Chap's Wife has generously offered to host Thankful Thursday.
If you are here for Thankful Thursday, please hop over the Lisa's blog to link up!

How are you doing with the 30 Bags in 30 Days project?

I did.  I went though my youngest daughter's closet and got rid of the clothes she won't fit in next year.  I threw a few "baby" games in the bag...stuff that was taking up space in her closet.  I am tackling her drawers today ;-)  Wish me luck!

Today I would like to challenge you to do TWO things.

First, if you celebrate Halloween have you thought about the costumes for your kids?  Plans with friends?  Who are you trick or treating with?  Don't wait until the last minute.  Shore up some plans.  Figure out what your kids are going to be.  Make a list of any supplies you need so you can purchase them when you are out and about.  Making plans and getting everything ready NOW will save time and stress later.

Second, have you been neglecting scrapbooks?  Try making a page a day.  Yup, fill a bag with stuff you don't use to donate each day AND make one scrapbook page each day.  Keep it simple and both can take less than an hour.  OR, better yet (in my opinion) make a simple photo book at Shutterfly.  We love our Shutterfly photo books.  They are TOP quality and come out great.

If you want to catch up on or start these things...don't delay, start TODAY!

Upload some photos to Shutterfly.  Look through the albums and layouts and get an idea of what you can finalize the decision tomorrow and commit to making one page a day. If you keep it simple one page could take less than ten minutes...OR, if you aren't that creative, upload your photos and take advantage of their automated options and have Shutterfly do the layouts for you based on the theme you choose!

Just think: by Halloween you could have a neater home AND a photo book in your mailbox!

Photo Credit: Shutterfly
My girls LOVE to look at the scrapbooks from when they were babies.  They love to look at all of the photo books I've made of holidays and vacations.  I've done a lot of Year in Review albums...a two page spread for each month of the year.  Sometimes if I can't get all the photos on two pages, I do a two page spread for the month and a two page spread for the season.