Tuesday, October 2, 2012

30 Days...to a Neater Home!

I find that when my house is neat, my mind is more clear.  The less "stuff" we have, the easier it is to keep our house clean.  The easier it is to keep our house clean, the less time it takes to clean and the more TIME I have to be the MOM I want to be.

Our first house was a Connecticut farmhouse, it was the 1990s and I went with a very country kitsch-y decorating theme.  A few years later, when we sold it and moved to Princeton, I went with a very simple, contemporary decorating style.  We had a yard sale and sold all of our country kitsch and what we didn't sell we donated. Getting rid of all those knick-knacks and tchotchkes and stuff we got as wedding gifts but never used or things that family members wanted to get rid of and asked us if we wanted and we reluctantly took made cleaning that contemporary home SO EASY.  It was a breeze even with toddlers.  When we bought this house, I went with a traditional decorating style and have accumulated more stuff than I should have.  

If you have a lot of stuff just collecting dust.  Toys that are no longer used.  Clothes that you don't wear any more.  Make up that isn't the right color.  Serving pieces that you got as wedding gifts 15 years ago and never used...now is the time to make some decisions.

Spend some time today making a list of the rooms in your house, the closets and drawers that need to be cleaned out.  Then go through them methodically, crossing them off your list.  Challenge yourself to fill ONE BAG A DAY for the rest of the month.  That's it.  One bag a day.  They don't have to be HUGE Hefty bags, they can be supermarket size plastic bags.  One a day.  That's it.

Here is some inspiration:

Photo credit: Home and Family Network

Photo Credit: The Decorologist
Photo credit: Leo Interior

Photo credit: Plotos
Photo credit: HGTV

Photo Credit: Home Design Software

Think of how much easier it will be for your kids to keep their rooms or playrooms clean if you get rid of all of the excess stuff they don't use or need.

Think of how much easier it will be for you to keep you home clean if you get rid of all the stuff you don't need or use.  All those things taking up space in your closet...if you DONATE them to someone in need...you will have room for other things that are cluttering other cabinets...have neat cabinets makes life easier and SAVES TIME.  Time you could use to Be The Mom You Want To Be.

30 Days.
1 Bag a day.
A Neater home.