Monday, October 8, 2012


When you think about your childhood, what memories stand out to you?

What are some of your best memories?

Do you remember riding bikes with your friends?  The first time you got a little freedom?  Vacations you went on with your family?

A silly babysitter who wouldn't let you step on the floor and had you come up with an elaborate way to get to bed without EVER touching the rug!?

Have you told your kids about those times?  Can you recreate some of those things with your kids--or something like it?

What can you do with your kids to help them make amazing memories?

What kind of memories do you want your kids to have of their childhood?

Do you want them to remember baking cookies with you?

Do you want them to remember family outings?  Hiking, biking?  Pumpkin hunting?  

What about pillow fights?  Silly family jokes?  Cuddling?  

Feel free to share some of your
favorite childhood memories in the comments section.