Sunday, October 7, 2012


Years ago, when Piper was two and Allie was four, I googled the name of a friend that I had grown up with.  I discovered that his father had died the day before.  That seemed like more than just a coincidence to me.  My friend was on a social networking site called Multiply.  I decided to sign up for an account to offer my condolences.

I had lost touch with this friend after college and it was really nice to catch up.  I am happy to say that we have kept in touch these last nine years and he is a pretty close friend.  One of those friends that I don't talk to all the time, but I know would be there for me and vice versa.  Also, he is a very politically active conservative libertarian with whom I enjoy MANY political conversations.  He also happens to be a master investor who sends me awesome investing tips.

Eight years ago he convinced me to try out Multiply.  He "introduced" me to his on-line friends, friends of his who worked with him in IT in North Carolina.  I was a stay at home mom of toddlers and I welcomed the adult conversation.  The relationships I developed on Multiply back then...almost nine years ago...are still, to this day, some of the closest friendships I have ever had.  I watched Shelly get married, divorced, married again; prayed for her after she suffered an amniotic embolism after giving birth to her daughter and was kept up to date via Heather, another Multiply friend; then marveled at her recovery and have enjoyed watching all of her updates on her daughter over the last 4 years!  I cheered Shawna on through grad school, she introduced me to Jodi Picoult books; I swooned over her wedding photos and rejoiced when she got pregnant and have just been in awe of how much she loves being a mom!  Oh and Molly--I just love all of Molly's updates about her baby.

My Multiply friends are my first friends to have talked about homeschooling.  Karen homeschooled her four girls.  Clare and Sean homeschooled their three girls.  They all made me really think a lot about homeschooling with all of their updates and blog posts on what they were doing.  Now both Christine and I are homeschooling our kids!

I really could go on and on about this group of people...most of whom I have never met.  They mostly live in North Carolina near my friend, the guys all worked together in IT and that was how they knew each other.  Many, many nights I have pored over looking at homes in the area of North Cackalackey where they live.  I would love to live there and be able to hang out with them in person!  Mike and Joe and Jason CRACK ME UP!  And The Darryl...he is a brilliant mind if a throat puncher!

Multiply, to our way of thinking, was ten bazillion times better than Facebook because you formed a Community.  But it just never took off as facebook did.  And in January it will be disbanded.  I have begun the process of exporting everything to Blogger, so you may start to see that my blog begins in 2004.

If you would like to check out my old Multiply site here is a link: Welcome to My World.