Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My State of the Art Menu & Grocery List Maker ;-)

Between work, homeschooling and all of my girls' activities, I have a really hard time finding time for grocery shopping.  Fortunately, we have a farmer's market between the library where I work and home, which I can stop at to get most things we need fresh like milk, eggs, bread and fruit and vegetables.

I try to do the supermarket once or -if I am not super organized- twice a month.
No joke.

We get several cooking magazines in the mail.  I usually skim through them and find which recipes I want to try and just plug them into the "Menu", keeping in mind that three nights a week need to be fast meals, slow cooker or take-out do to my work or the girls' activities.  I have a separate sheet of paper in my planner/notebook where I write down whatever I need for these recipes that I don't have on hand or I know we are low on.

I write out weekly menus as cooking magazines arrive in the mail

I could make the Menu nice and neat and computer printed, but my life is messy and those menus get crossed off and messed up.  So I just hand write one week at a time.

Before I head to the grocery store, I go through that week's circular and buy anything that is on sale that we routinely use, like Colgate toothpaste or Turkey Hill ice cream or whatever.

I have a sheet in my notebook/planner for grocery shopping

Costco is actually more convenient than the supermarket for me, so I do tend to go there at least every other week.  They have the best price on organic milk, huge blocks of cheese, eggs and lettuce :)
Plus, they are the only place around here that tests their meet for bacteria.  I appreciate that.