Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week of February 25, 2013


I completely failed on 40 Bags this week.  We did go up to our attic last weekend and we did go through a lot of the old decor things and made up several bags.  I also went through the baby things and tried to be practical about only keeping things of real sentimental value OR things that the girls will want when they have babies. I found some things my mother-in-law made for or gave the girls that I am going to pass down to my brother-in-law for his new baby.

I spent a lot of time deep-cleaning the living and dining rooms.  Curtains were washed, windows were washed, moldings & walls were wiped down, slipcovers were washed, etc.  I love a clean house.  Hopefully I will get to do the kitchen and bathroom next week!
I always re-arrange furniture when I deep clean.
Believe it or not, our attic is looking better and more organized!!


Jason and I found a new show to watch together.  Neither of us watch a lot of TV or even like a lot of TV.  But every so often we find a show that we both love to watch together.  It tends to work best if it's on DVD, like "Weeds" or "Nurse Jackie" or "Californication" or Netflix, like "Downton Abbey" and now "House of Cards".  Jason and I are both huge Kevin Spacey fans (Have you see "The Usual Suspects"?  If not, I highly recommend that movie!).  I love, love, love politics--before homeschooling I was thinking of running for office in our small town--unfortunately, I love the idea of making a difference and I don't necessarily think politics is like that.  Anyway, we are enjoying "House of Cards", we watch as many episodes in a row as time will allow when we have time, just the two of us.  We still can't figure out what Robin Wright is up to, but we both like Zoe Barnes and Frank Underwood (Spacey).  As usually happens when we watch shows like this, we start talking about the characters as though we know them...Claire seems cold and calculating, I don't trust her;  it's sweet that Frank used that rowing machine;  what great opportunities for Zoe--I guess it takes that kind of guts to really get stuff done....


We are heading to more interest-led learning and for me, this has become as much about parenting as about schooling.  It's changing some things about how I parent.  Now, at night when I tuck the girls in, we discuss their interests, their projects, what they can do tomorrow and how they are progressing.  it's pretty amazing to see them take the lead in some of the things they have going on.  Of course, they try to convince me that while they love and want to continue Pet Shop Math, we should not go back to MUS Pre-Algebra (Allie) and MUS Fractions (Piper) when we are done.


What We're Creating

Gerbil houses and lofts
I am so, so thankful to my dad for teaching Allie to use a jigsaw and hammer together a house and loft for her gerbils.
Zenntangles (got the idea from Susan)
Lollipops - from our Candy Chemistry kit, we learned about sugar crystallization
American Girl doll dresses
I am so thankful to my mom for helping Piper sew this American Girl doll dress.

What We're Doing

  • Adopting gerbils - this took a few trips to two different pet stores to find ones that Allie felt looked healthy AND she didn't want to take 2 out of a cage of 3 because they are social animals and she couldn't leave one alone BUT the two needed to be sisters--we finally adopted two from the same tank at a pet store a few towns away
  • Working on the launch of a youtube channel, schedules for posting, the background, etc.
  • We are on May of Pet Shop Math.  I like this program, but after a certain point it becomes pretty rote.  My girls are on the older side for this program and we can finish one month in two days.  I thought about whipping through a few months, but with all of our outside activities this term, I would rather let the girls have time to do their own creative things in their free time than another hour or two of math each week.  I did notice however, that Allie has started to feel comfortable with just moving decimal places for 10% or moving the decimal and multiplying if it's 20% or 30 or 40%.  I thought that was really cool.

What We're Reading

The Storyteller: A Novel by Jodi Picoult (Theresa)
Lasagna Gardening (Theresa)
The Missing Series by Margaret Haddix (Allie-she took a break but went back to finish the series this week)
A Healthy Guide to Going Vegetarian (Piper)
11 Birthdays (Piper)
13 American Artists Every Kid Should Know
The Story Behind Chocolate
Piper has been a vegetarian for several months; I think we are past the "phase" period and this is a lifestyle for her, as such, I have told her she needs to read and learn how to eat healthy as a vegetarian.
I set some goals this week with our Spanish program and the girls exceeded them!

What We're Watching

We are fascinated by Banksy, who was in this movie.  The movie was more about the street art movement.  It was okay.
Exit Through the Gift Shop - my girls and I became interested in Banksy after reading about Art Mysteries.  We finally made the time to watch this movie.

House of Cards (Jason & I have been watching this together and so far, really enjoying it)

We have been spending HOURS just watching the gerbils!

Favorite Apps & Websites

Webkinz - Piper was excited to learn some of my blog friends' kids are on here
Toca Boca Hair Salon (Piper)

This Weekend

My brother and I are going to clean out my uncle's apartment this weekend.  It is going to be emotional and difficult.  Prayers appreciated.

On Monday my mom is having a polyp removed from her voice box.  Please pray for a safe surgery and that the doctor is correct that it's not malignant.