Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Homeschooling Advanced Math

Allie will be starting Pre-Algebra next year.

Our first year of homeschooling, math was our biggest struggle, until we found Math-U-See, that worked great for both of my girls and I am VERY PLEASED with their retention.  The Math-U-See program does not offer a detailed explanation if a student gets a problem wrong or hints if they need them.  Up until now I have been able to do both and my girls have sometimes required that, but as we get into more advanced math, I do not trust my ability to explain things or give hints.  Tutors in our area charge $60+ an hour, which is out of our price range, so we have spent the last couple of months looking at different math programs that offer detailed explanations, explanations for EVERY SINGLE problem if a child gets it wrong (Saxon Teacher and Teaching Textbooks are the only programs we have found that offer detailed explanations for EVERY SINGLE problem), but I want to make sure the girls are also happy with the program and it works well with their learning style.  I realize this may not be a substitute for a teacher saying, "This is what you did wrong..." but this is as close as we are going to get...and we will find the money for a tutor if we really need one.

I have been comparing various programs and I thought I would share our thoughts and opinions.  I've included videos and links to programs below if you are interested.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions or know of any programs not listed that offer detailed explanations, please let me know.

Math U See


Teaching Textbooks

Saxon Teacher

Saxon Dive


Math Doesn't Suck book series*


Saxon Teacher vs. DIVE CDs.

* I personally feel that Kahn, Math Doesn't Suck and IXL are supplemental programs, but we do know families who use these as stand-alone programs.