Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Some Updates

1.  A while ago, I mentioned our concern with Allie's teeth.  After being told by one orthodontic practice that we needed to wait two years for some molars to be "mature" and erupt, we went back and were told that Allie needed surgery to remove a section of her jaw.  She could not have the surgery until she was 18 and done growing.  These molars we had waited two years for were now erupting in her palette.  We decided to get a second opinion and a third opinion.  I come from a medical family and I have always been told that there are so many risks with surgery, that surgery should be avoided unless MEDICALLY necessary.  The surgery is definitely NOT medically necessary in Allie's case (no pain, no issues speaking, eating or breathing--Thank God!).  I have been praying, fretting and researching and decided to respect Allie's privacy with regard to discussing this.  We found an orthodontist that made us feel comfortable (not like a number), who understood our concerns and respected Allie's feelings on this and felt he could do something since she was not done growing, so we began treatment with no real promises, just lots of hope and faith.  After 6 months of treatment, he told me on Friday that he thinks we are going to be okay and the problem will be corrected WITHOUT SURGERY!

2.  I wrote about Teaching Kids to Create Healthy Boundaries.  The girls took a break from these friends for several weeks.  Then, the friends called and the girls asked them to come over.  There were no issues that first time.  A few days later, there was an issue and the girls handled it themselves.  Another time, a question arose as to why they have to play here all the time and Piper was honest, which prompted a conversation with the father of these kids.  We all came to an understanding, kids included and things are back to normal: the girls are basically inseparable.  So far, so good :-)