Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Walk Around the Lake

 At home or away, I like to go for a walk or run every morning.  It clears my head, centers my mind and gets me ready for the day.

When we are at the lake walking is a special treat.  Sometimes Allie comes with me or Jason and sometimes my good friend at the lake comes for a walk with me--sometimes we even walk around the lake twice so we can talk more!

The roads around the lake are mostly dirt and heavily wooded.  It's so much cooler in the shade of the woods.  It feels so private and intimate, it's a great place to speak your heart with a good friend ;-)

 My friend shares my love of taking pictures and we both are always on the look out for cool details at the lake, like this cool iron scroll fence or barn siding or beautiful lilies.

 When I walk with Jason sometimes we talk, sometimes we just breathe it all in, drink in the peace and beauty of the lake.  When we do talk, we talk about retiring at the lake, maybe living there year-round.  They get lots and lots of snow, which sounds like heaven to me, just laying in bed under thick comforters with a cup of tea and a good book...

This is my dream house at the lake.  I take a picture of it every time we visit.  I am sure the people that live there think I am stalking them.  In my dream world, Jason and I would buy this house and live in it year-round in retirement.  It's my friend's dream house, too, so we may have to duke it out ;-)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this LittleFreePublicLibrary!  Is that not the cutest thing?  There were all kinds of books inside from popular fiction to non-fiction.  It's new.  It's one of my favorite things ever!

There are a lot of older, cute cozy homes at the lake.  I just love the character and charm.  Jason says just looking at that picture below of the lake lowers his blood pressure tenfold.

Thanks for coming on a walk around the lake with us ;-)