Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Ten Things That Are On My Mind Right Now

I really love these Top Ten posts.  This is the last of the ihomeschool weekly themes for this meme and I am going to miss having a weekly predetermined theme to write about.  While I am not a member of ihomeschool network, I did participate in this last year as well and had hoped to continue after the weekly themes were over...put I couldn't come up with enough topics...maybe I will try again this year. Or maybe someone else will come up with some weekly themes.

This week's theme is

1.  Taxes.  I just became aware that our taxes have gone up SIGNIFICANTLY.  Since buying our home ten years ago, our taxes have increased more than 50%.  Our services, however, have not increased at all and my husband's salary has remained relatively the same, maybe a small increase, but with the whole financial crisis, his company is not giving out raises like they used to.

2.  Permits.  When I called our town to inquire as to why our taxes had increased so dramatically this year, I was told three things: 1) School taxes went up A LOT because of new things put in place by our government (this drives me bonkers because I think government involvement is RUINING education AND while I'm glad my kids are homeschooled, it drives me nuts to hear I am paying higher taxes for a service we don't use.  I may lean more liberal than conservative, but one issue where I differ with liberals is on the voucher system for education).  2) I was told that we had ADDED A NEW ROOF in 2012---umm, yeah, we added it because we didn't have one!  Right!  "We needed to replace the roof,"  I corrected the tax assessor.  "Well, whatever," she said.  "You can get more for your house if you sold it now with the new roof than with the old."  "We needed to REPLACE a 13 year old roof way before its time because it was installed incorrectly,"  I told her.  "Where was the permit inspection there?"  You can't fight city hall, so I had a margarita!  And 3)  I was told everyone's taxes had increased 2% which means it is under Christie's cap and within the allowable amount.

Whew!  Glad I got that off my chest!

3.  Camp.  My girls are in camp this week, last week and next week and they LOVE it.  I was looking forward to a mellow, laid-back, easy going summer of waking up and deciding what we felt like doing.  So much for that.  A camp here, a tennis lesson there, a trip to visit friends here, the lake, vacation...and well, our summer is almost entirely BOOKED!

4.  Creativity.  My girls are really creative and I love that!  I want to encourage that!  We are looking at some different art academies for fall.  I want to also make sure there is PLENTY OF TIME in our regular schedule where the girls can just spend time creating and exploring in our art studio.  Not over-scheduling is my mantra this fall.  It's always my mantra, but I seldom listen to it.  This time I REALLY MEAN IT!  I hope I adhere to it!

5.  Forgiveness.   Letting people back in.  Creating healthy boundaries.  It's tough with family.  

6.  Running.  I started running.  I can't believe it myself.  I ran a bit here and there in high school, but never really considered myself a runner.  I decided last week to change up my workout and I started running.  It's more of a run, walk, run, walk, run, walk...but today I ran several blocks and across a busy street.  It feels so good.  My lungs feel awesome, like they are stretching and I can breathe deeper!

7.  Getting up early.   I have been waking up naturally at 5:30 or 6am and going for a run!  It's awesome to have that done by 7:30am!  I feel like I have sooooo much more time!

8.  Reuniting with old friends and finding you still have lots in common.  Second chances at friendships = Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.  The Supermarket.  I went there for grapes to make Lentil Salad and spent $50!  How does that happen? The fish was super fresh and just being put on ice, lobsters were on sale and for a buck more they steam them for you-lobster salad, anyone?  And school supplies--notebooks for $.20 and gluesticks for $.10 and 8 packs of Sharpies for $1.99!  Woo HOO!  

10.  Missing our Lake Friends.

we all have so much fun together

we have a blast together

we will be reunited in August and hopefully December!

so much fun!