Thursday, May 27, 2010

Life is Good

The weather has been so beautiful here on the East Coast.  Yesterday, when Jason got home from work, we enjoyed gin & tonics on the deck.  We made a wonderful chilled summer soup with black bean salsa together.

 We went for a family bike ride and were VERY excited to see that they are filming DIY Network's "The Man Cave" just down the street from us :).

And then we all hung out and watched "The Karate Kid".  I told the girls how I had such a huge crush on Ralph Macchio back when the movie first came out and how I had posters of him all over my walls.  They really enjoyed teasing me about that :-)

Later, in bed, my husband and I counted our blessings.  We are so very fortunate to have beautiful, healthy children.  We are so fortunate to have grown together; we have been together for over 17 years and we still keep finding things we both like to do together, like cooking and yoga and photography.  We are so fortunate to have careers that we love, as I write this, Jason is coordinating dates and times with a film crew that is making a documentary of the project that he is on, a documentary that will air on the Discovery Channel and be produced by Steven Speilberg!  I am still reeling with excitement over Book Expo in Manhattan and free Advanced Reader copies of books and the opportunity to meet writers, which to me, is like meeting ROCK STARS!  And that brings us to yet another thing our family all loves to do together: read.  Almost every night, we all snuggle together on Jason & my bed and read, sometimes aloud, sometimes to ourselves.  But it is something we all enjoy.  It is warm and cozy and snuggly.  We are so fortunate to have stability in our lives.  We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful family and terrific friends.  We are so fortunate to be healthy, to have things we enjoy, to be around people that we love.

Life is good.