Friday, July 15, 2011

The Powers of Positive Energy

In May of 2010, I was not very happy with my children's experiences in school.  I had spent two years researching homeschooling, bookmarking websites, poring over curriculum options and reading blogs.  I had begun this blog as a writing exercise, and I asked The Homeschooling Question.

I believe there is something at work in the universe.  I choose to call it God, but some may just call it energy.  I am fine with either.  Have you ever had the experience when you put something out there and are answered?  Gosh, when you think about it, prayer can really take so many forms, can't it?

Anyway, in my case, last spring and summer, the answer came by way of another blogger.

Jessica at Teachable Moments.

She answered my Homeschool Question by responding that she had brought her younger daughter home to learn 5 months earlier and was considering bringing her older daughter home as well.  HER GIRLS WERE THE SAME AGE AS MINE!  Coincidence?  I think not.

Over the next few months, we read and commented on each other's every post.  She encouraged me to make the decision that I REALLY wanted to make.  It was hard for me to go against the norm, especially when my entire family and several friends seemed to be adamantly against the decision and convinced me that my kids would hate me.  Through Jessica's words, I found the courage to try what I really wanted to try.  My kids would only be this age once, she pointed out.  I would always look back and wonder, she said.  I could always put them back in school, she reminded.

Because God is infinitely good, He worked it out so that the person who found my blog and encourages me lives a mere two hours away in a state that I used to live in.  Jess and her family live on the other side of New York City from my family.  A perfect place to meet, and indeed we did last October, with the husbands and kids.

Then, they made the trek to our house last December.

Yesterday, my girls and I took the just under two hour ride to visit Jess and her girls.
It was very empowering to realize that this is something we can manage every few weeks.  We are homeschoolers.  We can break from school and meet up with friends for a day.  For a playdate, to explore museums in CT or NJ or any of the vast resources in between ;-)

It was wonderful to just be able to sit with Jess and talk about whatever popped into our heads.  This was our first meeting without our husbands.  And although I love my husband, there is a certain kind of conversation that women have when they are alone, ya know?  It bonds you more than when the men are present, yes?  We may not share the same religious or political beliefs, but as women, as mothers, we share something very deep and special.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch of grilled chicken, corn and salad :)

Grace and Allie had a blast playing this game that they devised, where one would stand on the ladder and the other would throw a beach ball at them, they would try to jump on the beach ball...

Lilah and Piper played American Girl dolls for hours.

And enjoyed some pool time:

We were all shocked when I looked at the clock and realized that it was 4:10pm!!!  It had JUST been 12:30!!!!  Where did the time go????  Of course the "We are leaving..." warnings went on for about 90 minutes before we finally left, with hopes to have "missed" the city commuter traffic!  And awesome sandwiches and quesadillas that Jess made and packed for our ride home!  She is such a warm, sweet person!

Now, Allie is saying that she wants to move to their neighborhood and Piper is begging to show Lilah the American Girl house that is her bedroom!  We look forward to spending many more afternoons with these girls!  And as God would have it, we are blessed to be able to do just that!

The internet has made the world smaller and larger.  You can find anything at your fingertips--even new friends!!  I encourage everyone to put something out there, you just never know how wonderful it may turn out!  We may not all share the same political or religious views, but as mothers who want what is best for our families, we share something very powerful and special.

Have you had the experience of meeting anyone that you first met through
a blog or other internet connection?

As a blogger, meeting other bloggers in my blogger circle,
or just talking to them on the phone if they are not close enough to meet,
is one of my favorite things
and one of the biggest blessings in the blog world!

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