Monday, August 1, 2011

It started out as a random post...

1.  I am not a traveler.  I don't like packing and unpacking.  I have anxiety over what to bring.  I have anxiety over scheduling stuff and keeping to an agenda while away.  I don't sleep well anywhere but at home.  I have dietary issues that tend to make me feel yucky when traveling (always eating out).  My system gets out of whack.  I tend to prefer daytrips.  That being said, we have plans for three trips in the next three months.  Thank goodness they are all just long weekend trips!

2.  This is our last week of our summer term.
Then we are taking four weeks off!

3.  I am tired of the debt ceiling debacle.  I am annoyed at our government for fooling around with the entire country like this.  They all need to go back to kindergarten and learn how to share and compromise.  Give everyone a little of what they want.  

4.  Our government NEEDS to control their spending.
It's absolutely unconscionable to be spending at this rate.
Regular citizens need to learn to live within their means and the government needs to set the pace/example.

5.  Why is Congress allowed to vote itself a pay raise?
That is abominable!

  If we default, will the politicians get paid?

6.  We tried stimulus, it didn't work.
It's time to try something else.

7.  The Bush Tax Cuts went into effect over ten years ago.
We need to evaluate whether or not they worked.
If they did, then keep them.
If they didn't, let's come up with something else.

8.  Even if an agreement is signed and the government does not default,
if the spending is not cut SUBSTANTIALLY ($4trillion +)
and the deal does not reflect a bipartisan agreement,

9.  This is how I would fix the government:
Cut spending.  Big time.
Get rid of the special interests.
Get rid of all of the double dippers.
Get rid of ludicrous spending such as the recent $300K trip to check out Chinese billboards and other stupidity like that.
Stop trying to control every little thing,
and reduce the size of government.
Evaluate Bush Tax Cuts & make appropriate changes, if necessary.
Make changes to Medicare & Social Security so that they are around for future generations.
Don't take away from people who worked their whole lives.
Focus on what benefits the largest portion of the country: the middle class.
Congress can not vote themselves a pay raise.
The American people should vote them a pay raise!
Politicians get the same medical and retirement benefits as the majority of people of our country.
Get rid of lobbyists.  It is not petitioning, it's legal payola.
Reduce taxes for companies who agree to bring jobs back from overseas and pay American workers a decent living wage.

Corporations hire efficiency experts.
Maybe the government needs to do that!

10.  We recently watched Casino Jack.  
About the life of a lobbyist.
Makes you wonder if politicians are voting for what is best for their constituents, or if they are voting based on who is giving them the most money/best deals.

11.  Oh and while I am at it...
why does this group that is going to discuss things have to report back on the eve of Thanksgiving? and Christmas Eve?  
To ruin our holidays?
Why not give them three months...November 1...?

12.  Mark Twain said it well:
"Suppose you are an idiot.
And suppose you are a member of Congress.
But then, I repeat myself."