Friday, December 9, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - 14

In my life this week.... I have been obsessing over the roof situation.  I know so many people have such bigger problems.  I just pray that we can get this issue resolved before the snow starts!  It seems that all of the roofers around here are really busy and don't have time for this now.  I pray that someone calls back or comes back soon!

I was so thankful this week for calls and emails from friends that I met through blogging!

In our homeschool this week.... We are technically on winter break.  But we have been reading Christmas books and baking together.  The girls are both reading novels like crazy.  The girls learned perspective drawing in art class and have spent hours creating perspective drawings of very elaborate gingerbread houses.

A baked her very first ever batch of chocolate chip cookies all by herself.  After a family event last weekend where my SIL's mom added mint extract to something instead of vanilla extract, A decided to do that with her cookies and make mint chocolate chip cookies!  They are divine!

We have been watching The Waltons on DVD (thanks for the idea, Susan!).  We learned about life in rural Virginia in the 1930s.  We also learned about polio.

 I watch these shows and really wonder what would happen in our world if shows like that aired again.  With all of the political and economic turmoil going on maybe we need to all be reminded of the human spirit, of hard-working people who banded together and didn't let anything keep them down, of people who were not afraid to admit their problems and flaws.  We need more TV shows today that show what family and love and hope mean.

Helpful homeschool tips or advice to share... Taking a break is so important.  When we are using curriculum every day I get so busy planning lessons and checking answers and making sure my girls understand things.  We have only been "on break" for a week but I am already getting re-energized, coming up with new ideas, finding websites I want to work with and other innovative ideas to implement our lessons.

I am inspired by... my husband.  He is such an amazing dad.  When the girls came home from art class, he sat with them on the couch and looked over what they drew and had them tell him all about it. He works with them in the workshop, helping them create REAL cupboards, tables, pianos and storage chests for their American Girl dolls

Places we are going and people we are seeing... The girls spent the weekend with my parents and went to my neice's ballet recital.  Monday they spent the day helping my mom decorate her house and sewing Christmas presents ;-)  Tuesday they came to work with me and then went to choir; Wednesday was art class; Friday is my niece's birthday party and we have a PACKED weekend!

My favorite thing this week was... chatting on the phone with my blog friends Lisa, Susan and Karen and a very funny Google+ Chat with Mary and Susan!

What's working/not working for us... Mama may or may not have had a meltdown at the art museum.  There was a special holiday tea at the art museum that we attended and had a blast.  I just wanted to take a photo of the girls and they both kept blocking me.  We had a conversation in the car about how I take the photos and blog because I want to have this to look back on when they are grown and gone.  Yes, I may have just thrown some Sicilian guilt around.  But you know what?  I do a lot for those girls and all I ask for is that I get to take photos.

Questions/Thoughts I have...  How much of a break do you take for Christmas?  Do you take the whole summer off or break it up here and there throughout the year?

Things I am working on... I have been making a list of goals for what I want the girls to learn/accomplish in 2012.  

I'm reading.... I am just reading something fun by Jennifer Weiner.

Jason took a break from the Percy Jackson series to read Aftershock: The Next Economy and America's Future by Robert B. Reich.  He says that he feels another blog post coming on...

P is still working on the Rebecca series and A is re-re-reading the Mother-Daughter Book Club books.

I'm cooking.... One of our family's favorite meals, which I only make this time of year: Pepitos and Dried Cranberries in Brown Butter Sage Sauce over pasta!  It truly is am amazing (and easy!) dish!

I'm grateful for.... my husband's job and the opportunities that he has been offered.

I'm praying ... that those who are unemployed find good jobs with good pay soon.

This weekend I am looking forward to.... facilitating a Holiday Craft Workshop at the library, dinner at a fun restaurant with an extensive beer library with friends and the Farraday Lectures!  And HOPEFULLY meeting with a roofer and either having him do the repair or having him show Jason how to do the repairs!