Friday, January 13, 2012

Favorite Resource: Liberty Science Center

Today I am linking up with Susan for

Favorite Resource This Week

We are learning about the human body this term.
We decided to make a trip last week to
Liberty Science Center
to visit their Immune System exhibit.

While there, we had the opportunity for many more fascinating experiences.

We adjusted weights on this device to make different designs :)

We rode trikes with square wheels.

We learned about estuaries :)

We learned how scientists determine how many of each kind of fish lives in a water source (in this case: the Hudson River).

We wrote with Quill pens.

We learned about language and the brain.

We got to see firsthand how much water an 8 minute shower uses!
I am now taunted for my indulgent showers and baths!

A defied her fears and walked on the beams of a skyscraper!

We saw an albino cockroach.

We saw our energy footprint!
We did really well, thank heavens my epic showers were not part of it!

We made atom models.

We made our own rollercoaster by adjusting the heights of various drops and then measured the speed of the descent.  A fascinating formula!  Math can be fun!

We learned about probability.

We got to SEE sound waves again!

We climbed rock walls :)