Friday, May 25, 2012

This week...

In my life this week... I won a contest on Talysa's blog!  Ok, actually, I won the contest a few weeks ago, but the prize came today!  I love, love, LOVE it!!!  I won a gift card to Lisa Leonard Jewelry and I got this:

Places we are going and people we are seeing...
We went to Ikea this week.  Always fun.  Always photo opps.  The closest Ikea to us overlooks Newark Airport, so you get to watch planes take off while you eat.  Who knew Ikea desserts could look so fabulous?  My husband is a grown up kid and I wouldn't want him any other way; he makes life FUN!  So do my girls :)  I love being with my family, no matter where we are!
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In our homeschool this week...
We ordered Chinese food this week.  
We read this really great book on Kubla Khan (this is one of my favorite resources this week!).
 I always feel like I don't know exactly what a living book is, but I would hedge a guess that this is one.  I also gave a Science test this week.  I know, I know...I really don't believe learning for tests is a good thing.  BUT, I hope my girls go to college and I feel that sometimes we just need to give tests/take tests in preparation.  They both scored an 82%, so I guess I didn't make it too easy ;-)  They did get different answers wrong, so I guess they didn't cheat.  I did write in longhand, because I was too lazy to go buy printer ink.  
The girls also each read a biography of Joan of Arc, found her fascinating and they both wrote reports on her.  I got a few books and let them choose the one they wanted to read.  I was very pleased that they didn't go for the thinnest ones!  
We also watched a movie about Joan.  All of these Joan of Arc resources are favorites this week, we really enjoyed diving in to her life!
I saw Deep Space Sparkle on Jen at Little Homeschool on the Prairie's blog last week and checked it out.  We tried our hand at one perspective drawing, which I am realizing, this collage only shows half of each girl's drawing.  
Lots and lots and lots of Stop Motion videos were made.
I am Hubby came home early one day this week and we made this awesome mango/avocado salsa and fish tacos.
We had the first corn of the year and I annoyed entertained my family with the story I tell every time I eat corn on the cob.... I pretend think of myself as a typewriter and hear a little "ding!" as I get to the end of the ear.
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