Monday, September 3, 2012

Miscellany Monday - Courage & Friends

1.  Life is emotional right now.  I am so grateful for your prayers, thoughts, emails of concern.  You have no idea how much that means to me right now.
facing fears is not easy

2. I watched "Hunger Games" the movie on Friday night.  I tried reading the book, but it was too violent for me.  The movie had more violence than I like, but the original plot kept me going.
friends chanting below make it easier

3.  On Saturday of this past weekend, we were invited to a birthday party at a swim club.  Allie faced a fear and jumped off the high dive over and over and over again!  We have ALWAYS had to force Allie to do things we know she would enjoy--and then she finds that she loves it.  Fortunately, in this instance, it was her friends chanting, "Go, Allie!  Go, Allie!" that got her to finally do the first jump!
knowing our friends have our back is a good feeling

4.  The party on Saturday was the first time Jason met many of our homeschool friends' fathers.   It was awesome!  He found that he had a lot in common with them! Cell phones were opened and numbers added.
knowing our friends have our back gives us courage

5.  On Saturday night, we watched "Forrest Gump" with the girls.  They had never seen it and Jason thought they should.  I had forgotten how great it is and the message really seemed to hit home now that we have these growing girls!
going off the high dive

6.  We spent Sunday finishing a project that we began in MAY!  It's been such a crazy summer, so emotion-filled and we have just had such a hard time focusing.  I can't wait to share the project with you!

finding courage

7.  I am proud of the fact that when life gets hard, my faith gets stronger.  I find peace on my knees, beside my bed talking to God or sometimes,  just focusing on feeling God's love surround me.  Sometimes, when we are powerless and vulnerable, prayer is all we have.  We are so fortunate to have that.  What a gift!

8.  Courage, it is the thing we are trying to instill in our children.  Courage to be themselves.  Courage to try new things.  Courage to face their fears.

9.  Today we are headed to a barbecue at the homeschool neighbors' house.  
Piper swimming
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