Friday, November 16, 2012

This week...

In my life this week… I have been very upset about my uncle, who is back in the hospital.

 I have also made the decision to take the leap to Wordpress.  I am still learning all the ins and outs and making decisions...not sure if I will transfer this blog over in its' entirety or just start anew...

L-R: We dog-sat for my parents' boxer, Dakota--which just confirmed that we really miss having a dog and can't wait for life to calm down enough to get a puppy!  
We celebrated Allie's 13th Birthday at Cheeburger, Cheeburger with the extended family.
The girls have been doing some great work--here they are coloring their anatomy coloring book and summarizing what they learned.
We have been reading some books on the topics we were first exposed to in Story of the World 3 during the hurricane, when we couldn't get the suggested reading and video links.

In our homeschool this week… 

We have been getting a lot done!  The girls both wrote some really interesting dialogue.  Allie decided to write a review of the purse she saved her money up to buy.  We finished reading Story of the World Volume 3 while the power was out, but are now going back to watch video clips and read living books about some of the time periods we studied.  We are almost done with our Maps and Geography book and I think we are all glad because we are all getting really tired of it--I know we could just put it aside, but we have less than 13 pages left and I figure we might as well try to finish before Thanksgiving.  

L-R:  We have been doing a lot of art stuff--it's what we love and I see both my girls as possibly going into design.  We did some art journaling.  We discovered this WONDERFUL series Come Look with Me that shows paintings and then gives questions to ask to further explore, look at , visualize and then tells you about the artist and painting.  LOVE IT!  It's our favorite resource this week--the girls were constantly looking at these books & discussing what they saw.  (Discussion is my big goal for them right now--no nodding or simple answers, I want more facts and opinions expressed.)
We also got ready for Allie's 13th Birthday party and Allie made a video of herself unpacking the purse and wallet she saved up for.

Helpful blogging tips or advice to share… I changed this from homeschooling to blogging...many of the people who lead sessions at Allume encouraged bloggers to register their own name as their domain and use that as their url with any blog title they chose, this way as their interests change, so can their blog title while retaining protection of their name and url.  I was also inspired to try Wordpress...something I had been thinking about for a while.  I finally took the plunge this week and all I can say is WOW!  There were so many things I never even thought about doing until I saw they were possible with Wordpress.  I have not had a lot of time to play, yet, but am hoping to find more time this weekend...after this ortho appointment...while Allie has her birthday slumber party tonight or maybe when the girls sleep over my mom's tomorrow night with their little cousin!

I am inspired by… Allie!  My girl is all about being different and being herself.  She doesn't care what others think or say and I love that about her!

L-R:  A few weeks ago, the girls decided they wanted to share a room.  This week I asked them if we should turn the extra room into a classroom/study or if they wanted to go back to having their own rooms.  They decided they wanted their own rooms back.  Much decluttering was done in the process of moving them back--YAY!!!  I LOVE decluttering, I am totally convinced that the more we have, the more stressed we are.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…We were back in the swing this week after a couple of weeks of chaos here in the Garden State.  Art class, library (work for me), Allie's mother's helper/tutoring job, we are watching a friend while her mom goes on an appointment; tonight Allie is finally having her sleepover birthday party--which was postponed when we didn't have power.  Tomorrow night the girls are sleeping at my mom's with their cousin for one of their Cousins Sleepovers.

My favorite thing this week was…Having coffee with a friend while our girls were in choir rehearsal.  We both just unloaded on each other.  It felt good.  Also, emailing back and forth with my cousin about my uncle, Allie's teeth, things in her life and just feeling and appreciating the connection we share.

L-R:  I took the plunge and signed up for a self-hosted Wordpress blog...still working out if I want to transfer this blog or start fresh...
Allie is very motivated to finish her Maps and Geography book before Thanksgiving.
Piper gave me this money toward buying a puppy.
It's been a crazy week and one night I didn't eat dinner, around 9:30 Piper brought this to me for my dinner :)

HOMESCHOOL QUESTIONS... We will be starting a new school year in January--just how it worked out...and I am considering using Life of Fred Decimals & Percents with Allie since she just finished Math U See Decimals & Percents...I thought it would be a fun review, really cement things in and make sure she understands.  Then when we are done with LoF D &P, we would move on to MUS Pre-Algebra.  BUT, my other thought is to try Charlotte Mason Business Math and let the girls each choose a store and see how that kind of learning goes...ANY ADVICE?  ANYONE USE EITHER OR BOTH OF THOSE PROGRAMS?

What’s working/not working for us… Ahhh...I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!!!  SO not ready!!!

Things I’m working on… trying to decide if I want to move this blog to Wordpress or just start anew...learning Wordpress...making some decisions about a Wordpress blog...

I’m cooking… I have made all vegetarian meals since we ate all the meat in our freezer.  Both Piper and I are nauseated by meat and Allie and Jason don't care as long as once in a while they get a Prime steak.  I am finding non-meat cooking to be a really fun challenge.

I’m grateful for… my friends.

I’m praying for… my uncle.

This weekend I am looking forward to...Tonight Allie is having her birthday party; tomorrow Allie has art class and Piper and I are going to try a new Vegetarian restaurant for lunch; Saturday night my mom is hosting a Cousins Sleepover at her house and Jason and I are trying to decide on date night plans.  Sunday we are relaxing & I am playing with the new Wordpress blog!

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