Sunday, May 30, 2010

Yoga for the New Beginner

Jason and I have been together for more than 17 years, but we keep finding new things that we both enjoy. Several years ago, we discovered an interest in fine cuisine, which lead to an interest in cooking, which lead to an interest in wine, which lead to an interest in artisan beer.

After P was born, I started practicing yoga to get back in shape. For years, I tried to get Jason to try yoga. And finally, about a year ago, he started practicing yoga and he has become as enthusiastic about it as I am.  Yoga transforms every aspect of your life.  We have both found that we breathe deeper, are calmer, more focused, more centered, better able to handle stress and tension.  Our bodies feel better.  Yoga has almost become something that we can't live without for more than a few days.  

I have joined yoga studios and Pilates studios in the past, and while one on one support to make sure that you are doing the poses properly is wonderful, I don't like to plan my time around a class schedule, so I have acquired an extensive collection of yoga and pilates DVDs. Jason has recently started searching youtube and hulu for yoga videos. Today he found this one, which was a wonderful, relaxing journey, perfect for someone who has never practiced yoga before of if you are just curious about what yoga is all about.